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Haulage company in Warrington

This client already had their gas contract via Double M Business Services. 

However, the electricity contract was not due to be renewed until December last year. 

In February we were contacted by the MD shocked at the cost of the most recent electricity bill.

A member of the company’s finance team who was responsible for overseeing energy costs had left the business and not informed anyone of the change in December.

The electricity rates doubled resulting in the client paying an extra £2,500 in energy costs. 

Double M immediately got involved speaking with the energy company and negotiated a new contract with a rate less than the previous contract, getting the contract backdated and recovering £950 of costs.

Moving forward, Double M will now contact the client before the next scheduled contract change to ensure this does not happen again.

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Tenated Pub in Cheshire

Double M processed a change of tenancy for the energy services as the new tenants moved in to the pub on the Monday.

A week later they received a letter from the existing electricity company stating they had got a court warrant to cut off the supply due to non-payment of a £32,000 electricity bill by the previous tenants. 

Double M contacted the company on the current tenant’s behalf and managed to stop the court warrant.

Having no electricity at the pub would have been devastating for their business and the tenants were extremely grateful for the intervention.
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